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What Are Your Priorities?

I just finished reading a great article, located here, on one of my favorite sites, The Simple Dollar.

In this posting, the author of The Simple Dollar describes his top 10 priorities in life and how, if he ignores or changes the position in the list of any given priority, he is liable to end up in trouble.

For example, on my personal list of top 10 priorities, my family is one of the top on the list. So, if I miss something that is important to one of my sisters for a business event then I would be upset with myself for missing the event and could cause disharmony in the family relationship.

What are your top 10 priorities? What is most important to you in your life?

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PLEASE NOTE: As of late Aug 2018 there was a proposed law change that would disallow a double deduction for these charitable credits at the federal level for contributions made after Aug 2018. You are still eligible for the AZ state tax credits as the change would only impact your ability to take them as charity donations at the federal level.
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