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Geo-arbitrage – My New Favorite Word!

I found a great article on the Get Rich Slowly blog that talks about Geo-arbitrage.  Since reading Timothy Ferris’ Four Hour workweek, this has become one of my favorite new words.  Geo-arbitrage is when you earn money in a high-paying currency, like the US dollar, and spend it in a low paying currency, like Columbia or the Philippines.  it’s basically similar to the old adage for stocks ‘buy low and sell high.’

One of the best ways that many authors talk about doing this is starting some sort of an online business. Typically these online businesses relate to affiliate marketing, but some of them relate to the sale of actual product. In this way you can be in any country in the world, still work your business, and earn dollars from that high-paying currency.

If you are interested in doing some geo-arbitrage yourself, my recommendations would be, to read Timothy Ferris’ Four Hour workweek.  This will give you step by step instructions on how to create a life built on geo-arbitrage, a way to live life in any country in the world, and live like a king/queen.

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