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Amazing experience with an energy-saving company

Today we had an amazing experience with an energy-saving company here in the Valley.

They came out yesterday to do a survey of our overhead fluorescent fixtures. It took us all of about one hour from start to finish and we are now going to be saving over $450 a year on our power bills!

Anyone of you who knows me knows that this is a fabulous thing. I believe that anywhere you can save a dollar you can help your business grow. think about it this way, for every dollar that you have in your pocket you probably actually earned almost 3 times that if you’re a business owner. The average profit percentage for service business is about 30%. So saving $450 a year means that my $1350 of gross revenue can go to something more fun or needed for my business.

What could you use an additional $450 year in your pocket to do? What would you do with it?

If anybody wants information for this wonderful company please let me know

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