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3.8% Tax Increase Coming In 2013 On Unearned Income

3.8% Tax Increase Coming in 2013 on Unearned Income

For 2013 there will be an increased surtax of 3.8% on any unearned income. Are you ready for this increase? What are you going to do for planning in advance of next year? We can help! Watch this video for tips and my advice!

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    1. No! Thank goodness, this is one of the exclusions to being taxed, along with:
      -Active trade or business income
      -Ordinary and capital gain on the sale of an active interest in a partnership or S-corporation
      -Distributions from IRAs or qualified retirement plans
      -Income from tax-exempt municipal bonds
      -Tax deferred nonqualified annuities
      -Income subject to self-employment tax

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