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Snowflake technique

Are you in credit card debt? You trying to get out of it, but just unsure how?

One of the neatest techniques that I haven’t heard of before, something new, not the normal snowball technique that you hear of, is something called the snowflake technique. The snowflake technique is designed to help you pay off your credit card debt by sending in micro payments. These payments are literally a few dollars but over time they add up to Big Balance reductions, potentially save you thousands in interest expense.

How are you working towards getting out of your credit card debt?


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PLEASE NOTE: As of late Aug 2018 there was a proposed law change that would disallow a double deduction for these charitable credits at the federal level for contributions made after Aug 2018. You are still eligible for the AZ state tax credits as the change would only impact your ability to take them as charity donations at the federal level.
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