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Tax Strategist Vs. CPA

Tax Strategist Vs CPA, Which Do You Need?

Tax Strategist Vs CPA? Aren't they the same? What's the difference? We hear that question all the time. It's all so confusing, right? All you want is to get your tax filed and possibly pay lesser taxes if you can,…

1099 K

Top Common Misconceptions About Form 1099-K

Imagine paying more taxes because you've been misinformed. It's stressful enough that you have to figure out your tax bills and send out your hard-earned money to the IRS every year as a small business owner. Adding this to the…

New Laws On Climate

Explained: New Laws On Climate, Health Care, And Tax Bill

President Joe Biden has finally signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 into law to reduce inflation. For some, it's the government's move to curb inflation, but it means more, from fighting climate change, providing support for solar energy,…

Where Is My Taxes

Where’s My Tax Refund?

Still Haven't Gotten Your 2021 Tax Refund? Here's How You Can Check It The IRS shut down for several months in 2020, and since then, there's been a massive delay in processing tax refunds. Didn't your certified tax planner tell…

Taxes To Zero

Charity can bring your taxes to zero, here is how!

If you're writing checks for your preferred charities, specifically when you're retired and specifically when you've had a prosperous year with a high income, you might be eligible to lower the tax benefits that haven't been completely utilized.   1.…

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