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It is critical for a business owner to know, at any given point in time: who owes you money, what bills are outstanding, how much you’ve spent on equipment or supplies during the year, how much money you’ve made, etc. Our bookkeeping services will make sure you have this information in the palm of your hand.

Bookkeeping is a tedious task, and as a business owner it takes you away from more important things in your business and probably stresses you out. Choose from one of our three bookkeeping options (below) and rest assured your books will be up to-date, and the data is accurate.

  • No late nights of data entry and other tedious bookkeeping work
  • No spending time and money training employees on bookkeeping
  • Data is always current and accurate
  • More time available for important things nobody else can do at your business
  • Less stress
  • Free time to enjoy the things you like

What We Offer

Working with our bookkeepers is a breeze, and it starts with a meeting to determine your needs and how you want to handle your bookkeeping. Tax Goddess Business Services offers a FREE 15-minute consultation to review your situation and to explore how we might be able to help you! 

Option 1: Ultimate Freedom:

(The package MOST business owners choose)
Tax Goddess Business Services handles your monthly, weekly, or daily bookkeeping and back office needs such as bill paying.

This option is best for:

  • Business owners who find themselves “doing the books” late at night, early in the mornings, or on weekends just to keep it all straight! 
  • Owners who find that they only do their bookkeeping once every few months because the just cannot “keep up with it”
  • Businesses that have hired an employee to do their bookkeeping! Sounds strange, but in most cases, outsourcing your bookkeeping can be more cost effective because you have no HR issues, no payroll taxes, and no potential for embezzlement or fraud!

Option 2: ProAdvisor Review:

Monthly review of your bookkeeping so you know you are on the right track.

This option is best for

  • Businesses that want to make sure they are “doing things right”
  • Businesses that can “input” their own data but aren’t sure if the reports are correct or are unsure how to reconcile their accounts

How does it work?

For new businesses – the setup and processing of monthly bookkeeping

For businesses that need some cleanup help / catch-up help


About Costs

Tax Goddess Business Services customizes our bookkeeping services for each client, so that each client can focus on what they do best – which is the reason they got into business in the first place! Generally speaking, our fees correlate to how many checks, debit or credit transactions, invoices, and deposits your company has each month.

We are eager to help you with your bookkeeping needs. Click here to schedule a free 15 min call to learn more about how our bookkeeping services can help you improve your bottom line.

Monthly Bookkeeping Duties

  • download transactions / input by hand as needed
  • categorize the transactions
  • reconcile & balance the accounts (bank, credit cards, loans)
  • input all payroll information
  • reconcile payroll accounts, payments, withheld taxes, etc.
  • review client monthly correspondence for outstanding items / other questions
  • review client draw account for business expenses
  • review business expenses for client draws
  • allocate meals properly between deductible / non-deductible portions
  • allocate all items to “classes” if function use in the files
  • allocate all items to various states if multi-state entity
  • split other tax specific items (depreciation, amortization, interest, accruals, etc.)
  • compare to previous month in last year for issues
  • compare to previous month in current year for issues
  • review for tax changes needed (raise wages, decrease wages)
  • review for new asset purchases & properly classify
  • prepare internal workpapers for audit backup if ever necessary
  • prepare sales tax & file (if applicable)
  • review need for 1099’s / w-9’s from contractors – request from client
  • review against overall tax projections (if applicable) to ensure we are “on track”
  • Analyze any “over arching” issues (audit flags, etc)
  • review by senior bookkeeper
  • review by CPA
  • send final “all OK” or “need changes” email to client.

Other Items May Include:

  • dealing with bank errors / transaction “weirdness” in downloads
  • dealing with QuickBooks / Software issues that may arise related to your file
  • dealing with notices on sales taxes (if we prepare)
  • answering client questions on the books
  • reviewing reports with clients on-screen and answering questions about the books
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