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Tax Goddess acknowledges that the data available for knowledge processing is the sole property of respective customer only and Tax Goddess and its employees and contractors are only custodians to take reasonable care for the same.

We have built infrastructure so as to provide the most secure environment to shield the customer information and data from unauthorized use and intrusion attacks.
We have taken the following measures to ensure data security and privacy:

1. Secured Building / Physical Infrastructure:

  • Earthquake resistant building designs.
  • Building under 24/7 surveillance by trained security guards.
  • Fire protection System
  • Electronic Access Control System

2. Computer Security:

  • Password protected access to computer systems
  • Controlled access to internet.
  • Controlled electronic communications (E-Mail) through secured mail server under
    supervision of systems administrator.
  • Strict restriction and enforced policies on use of media and portable computers.
  • Periodic data backup

3. Data security in transit:

  • US based secured web servers
  • Firewall and intrusion detection system deployed at destination servers.
  • 128 bit encryption based data transfer available.

4. Data privacy and preservation:

  • Periodic data clean up
  • Periodic shredding of case workup paper if any
  • Tape based data backup
  • Offsite data backup

5. Legal Enforcement:

  • Confidentiality Agreement with employees under laws applicable in the US
  • Employees background check
  • Non Disclosure agreements with customers enforceable under laws of United States.
  • Physical data storage on web server located in the US.

Third-party Services

We use a small number of well-respected third-party companies that help us work more efficiently:

We use JotForm to provide you with a secure facility on our website to upload your files to us.  These files are transferred between your web browser and our private Jotform repository via a secure encrypted connection (SSL).  More information about JotForm’s security can be found here.


We store documents on GoogleDrive to facilitate our geographically dispersed staff. More information about the security of GoogleDrive can be found here.


We use to support some of the more complex online forms on our website. The information in these forms is transferred between your web browser and our private HighTail repository via a secure encrypted connection (SSL). More information about HighTail’s security can be found here.



How does Tax Goddess use personal information of its clients?

Tax Goddess International treats personal information confidentially and restricts access to personal information to those who require it to develop, support and deliver products and services to clients. Personal information will not be disclosed to anyone outside Tax Goddess International, unless such a disclosure is required by law, or in a court proceeding.

How does Tax Goddess maintain confidentiality of client data?

Each employee of Tax Goddess signs a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement which helps protect confidential information.

How does Tax Goddess protect information about its clients?

Tax Goddess considers the protection of personal information to be a foundation of customer trust. Tax Goddess International employs physical, electronic and procedural controls to protect client information.

What is done with the client documents and financial statements once the task has been completed?

Client documents which are no longer needed (i.e. once the task/case has been completed) are shredded and properly disposed off.

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