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13 Week Cash Flow

Everyone should have a 13-week cash flow.

Serious business owners need to have a projection and understanding of their business’ financial stature, and in the past, the profit and loss balance sheet were just enough.

However, in recent times, businesses have outgrown the profit and loss balance sheet scope, which does not tell the whole story of a business’s financial health.

Our 13-week Cash Flow model is designed to make up for these deficiencies and give business owners a thorough picture of their finances, thereby allowing for accurate and informed financial decisions that aid the sustenance and growth of their businesses.

With the 13-week Cash Flow model, business owners with or without an in-house accounting team now have a simplified tool that handles important financial operations such as budgeting, forecasting, and a simple cash flow model.

From our Founder:

I hear these complaints all the time:

– My business shows I am making a profit, but I never have any cash,

– I feel like I don’t know what’s going on with my money,

– I want to plan better / have more financial control

CASH IS KING, and if you don’t have a plan for it you are in trouble! As my favorite business coach always said: HOPE is NOT a strategy – so PLAN!!!

Our 13 Week Cash Flow Programs:

Tax Goddess is always bringing you tools that can help you make your business even more successful every single day. Here, we bring the 13 week cash flow program to our clients in two different versions:

E-Course Details:

The 13 week cash flow e-course walks you through, module by module, building and implementing your own 13 week cash flow spreadsheet management system. By the end of the e-course you will be intimately familiar with the sections of the model, how to use the model & worksheets, what are common mistakes and pitfalls, and how to read and implement the 13 week cash flow model within your run business to obtain and maintain control over your financial world.

Professional Setup & Management Option:

This option is for clients that do not want to take on the creation and management of a cash flow system, but know they need it!

In this option, the Tax Goddess consulting team will work with you and your internal team to set up your 13 week cash flow model, and can either maintain it for you weekly or train your internal team to take over the weekly management & reporting functions.

If you choose to have Tax Goddess maintain your cash flow model weekly this will also include a 15-30 minute telephone call weekly with one of our senior cash flow management professionals to review potential issues, additional action items, modifications, and future planning.

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