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13 Week Cash Flow

Every go-getting entrepreneur and business owner needs a 13-week cash flow.

You need to have a projection and understanding of your business’s financial stature. In the past, it was just enough to rely on the profit and loss balance sheet. However, in recent times, businesses have outgrown the profit and loss balance sheet scope, which does not tell the whole story of your business’s financial health.

The 13-week Cash Flow model is designed to make up for these deficiencies and give business owners a thorough picture of their finances, thereby allowing for accurate and informed financial decisions that aid the sustenance and growth of their businesses.

With the 13-week Cash Flow model, business owners with or without an in-house accounting team now have a simplified tool that handles important financial operations such as budgeting, forecasting, and a simple cash flow model.



After years of expertly guiding entrepreneurs and business owners, we’ve delved deep into the most pressing cash flow challenges they face.

Here are some of the complaints we hear at Tax Goddess all the time:

– My business shows I am making a profit, but I never have any cash,

– I feel like I don’t know what’s going on with my money,

– I want to plan better and have more financial control

CASH IS KING, and if you don’t have a plan for it you are in trouble! Another saying goes: HOPE is NOT a strategy – so PLAN!!!

The 13-Week Cash Flow Program Details

At Tax Goddess, we are committed to equipping you with tools that can help you make your business push and surpass higher limits of success every single day. Here, we bring the 13-week Cash Flow to our clients in two different versions:

13-Week Cash Flow (E-Course)

The 13-Week Cash Flow e-course guides you step-by-step in creating and utilizing your personal 13-week cash flow management spreadsheet. Upon completion, you’ll not only understand the model’s components but also know how to effectively use the worksheets, recognize common errors, and apply the cash flow model to gain and sustain financial control in your business.

Ready To Handle Cash Flow Like an Expert and Unlock Lasting Success?

Here’s Why Investing in This Course is No-brainer

Priced at just $1,247, your one-time investment in the 13-Week Cash Flow e-course grants you unrestricted access to a goldmine of expert money management guidance. What this means is that you pay once and unlock a lifetime of financial control, freedom, and success.

13-Week Cash Flow (Professional Setup & Management)

For clients who recognize the importance of a cash flow system but prefer not to handle its creation and management, this option is tailor-made for you!

Unlock Full Expert Support At Almost No Additional Costs!

With this option, you pay just $1,250 and The Tax Goddess consulting team will collaborate with you and your in-house team to establish a 13-week cash flow model. That is paying just $3 extra to get your own management team.

After setup, you can decide: either let us manage it weekly for you or have us train your team to handle the weekly management and reporting.

Opting for our weekly maintenance? It comes with additional support! You’ll receive a weekly 15-30 minute call with one of our senior cash flow management experts to discuss potential challenges, next steps, modifications, and strategic planning.

So, What’s Your Next Move?

Don’t let financial obstacles slow down your business. Say “YES” to a stress-free system that will help you transform cash flow confusion into a lifetime of success.

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