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We Are Tax Strategists

Tax Planning On Steroids.

Ranked in the Top 1% of Tax
Strategists in the country – AICTC

So far we have saved our clients a total of:

in taxes (and counting) so far.

Typical tax preparers and accountants help you record your financial past.
As Certified Tax Strategists, we help you change your financial future.

What most taxpayers don’t realize is that their CPA or accountant is a compliance accountant: They take the information you give them and put it in the right boxes on the right forms. As a CTC-Certified Strategic Tax Coach and CPA, we’ve received specialized training in the areas of the tax code that can be leveraged to your advantage to lower your taxes and save you money. We analyze your financial picture including past tax returns, business activities, and investment goals to pinpoint which portions of the 67,204 pages of the IRS tax code can be used to your advantage. Then we design a detailed plan you can use to implement these savings.

Certified Tax Coach

Coaching and PROACTIVE strategies to build your future
Confidence knowing you are paying the least amount of tax possible
A customized strategy created just for you
Personalized solutions for your own situation that reduce tax
Ongoing Support
A team of advisers to give direction and accountability through goal setting

Other Tax Professionals

Reactive, “after the fact” planning
Outdated information and outdated planning
Tax surprises with a feeling of no control
Same old solutions
Overpaying Tax
Tax as usual
Limited contact with you except at tax time

No one likes paying taxes, especially those that are above the bare legal minimum required.  However many business owners don’t understand all the legal options that are available to them to reduce their tax burden (the largest expense most business owners pay!).  Our team uses over 360 tax strategies to find all the above board, legal loopholes that are applicable to your situation and provide you with details instructions, step by step guides, video education, and personalized phone calls and Q&A sessions to help you take advantage of everything you are allowed to take.  Savings so far? Over $56 million dollars for business owners just like you! NOTE – we can work with your current advisor to help you implement these powerful strategies into your tax world! You do not have to switch if you love your current tax preparer!

Bookkeeping is a tedious task and, as a business owner, you have more important things to worry about. Our team takes care of this necessary task so that you can focus on what is most important to you. Your data will always be accurate, up to-date, and our team will help audit-proof you, just in case, by asking lots of questions to make sure we have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Without a good set of books it’s tough to get all the right tax deductions and can be difficult to grow your business by making solid business decisions.  Let us help you by taking the “pain” of bookkeeping off your shoulders!

Taxes. Just the word can make people cringe.  The Tax Goddess team of professionals are focused on reducing your headaches around filing taxes, helping you look for possible strategies to reduce the taxes, and ensuring that you meet all the required IRS deadlines, regulations, and ever changing updating tax law changes.  Our team makes sure that filing those pesky returns is as easy as possible (it is the “IRS” after all) and provides you peace of mind that your taxes are “just taken care of.” Like a full-service concierge, our team anticipates your needs. By the time you think you need to file an extension, we’ve probably already filed it for you. We make sure everything you need to substantiate deductions is available in case of an audit.

Tax Goddess handles my taxes. I missed my tax deadlines last year, but they went ahead and filed an extension for me. If you are looking for a CPA firm that is proactive, then I highly recommend them. Glad to have them in my corner.
Israel Freeman
Israel Freeman
12:03 03 Mar 19
Love the strategic planning program. So nice to have a strategy instead of freaking on april. A plan is the way to go.
Susan Powers
Susan Powers
19:18 01 Mar 19
I had a 30-minute initial call with Tax Goddess where she reviewed my tax situation and saved me $2000 on one strategy! I recommend the Tax Goddess team for Tax Saving Strategies.
Loriez V
Loriez V
19:31 26 Feb 19
I have worked with many CPA firms but they were not as good as Shauna and her team at Tax Goddess. I was introduced to Tax Goddess by a friend last year. They reviewed my previous business tax returns before they started working on my taxes. They were proactive in providing tax saving strategies that saved my business a lot of money (over $10k last year!). If you are a small business owner looking for a CPA firm that will help reduce your annual tax bill then use Tax Goddess. I will be using their services again this year.
Tanesha S. Dumont
Tanesha S. Dumont
14:19 11 Feb 18
I was introduced to Shauna by a friend of my wife’s back in 2016. We live in California and we were not sure that she could handle our taxes because we are in different states but when I asked her during our initial meeting if this will be a problem she informed me she has clients all over the country, many in California. It’s been so easy to work with her team as the whole firm stays in contact frequently even though we are in different areas of the country!
Darlene Wiest
Darlene Wiest
13:23 11 Feb 18
My previous CPA used to take forever to answer my calls but Tax Goddess always returns my phone calls. Working with Tax Goddess is a breeze, I don’t have to physically drop my documents to them. I just scan and send documents to them and meet online when needed. This is convenient for me because I travel a lot.
Adolph Wuckert
Adolph Wuckert
11:22 09 Feb 18
The best CPA Firm in Arizona! My team and I don’t have to worry about bookkeeping because they handle that for us while we focus on running our company.
Daniel Dunnam
Daniel Dunnam
15:57 07 Feb 18
The team at Tax Goddess was awesome. My taxes were complicated and I didn’t know where to start. She saved my family thousands in Taxes. Glad to have her in my corner.
Tommy Bou
Tommy Bou
14:45 06 Feb 18

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