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Tax Strategists

Empowering Business Leaders, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

Led by a seasoned tax consultant and top 1% tax strategist in the U.S., Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTP, CTS, Tax Goddess Business Services specializes in enabling business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to pay less in taxes legally. We have steered clients toward monumental tax savings, surpassing a BILLION DOLLARS in total savings.

Whatever your financial level and ambitions, choosing Tax Goddess will give you one guaranteed outcome: the lowest tax rate you have ever had!

Tax Strategy Mastery

Grossing more than $100M+ per year? Elevate your tax strategy to a pinnacle of efficiency, unlock a mere 6% annual tax rate, harness the full spectrum of tax advantages, and receive personalized strategic tax guidance.

Tax Strategy Advancement 

For professionals and businesses grossing $1M-$100M annually. Dive deeper into advanced tax strategies tailored to your specific goals, business structure, and operations

Tax Strategy Essentials 

For ambitious entrepreneurs netting $200,000 to $1M annually. Leverage intelligent tax strategies to reduce tax liabilities and accelerate financial growth.

Strategic Tax Coaching

Claim significant tax savings with Tax Goddess' Strategic Tax Coaching (STC), specifically designed for high-earning business owners and entrepreneurs. STC offers a legal pathway to reduce your taxes in a manner similar to that of the wealthiest Americans, making it a perfect solution if your annual tax bill exceeds $100k.

Tap into strategies that have helped Tax Goddess clients claim $1 Billion+ in tax savings. Led by Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTP, CTS, our team uses 1500+ IRS and State-approved strategies to reduce your tax bill legally. Let’s help you protect and grow your wealth with strategic tax planning.

$1 Billion+

Savings for our clients

Join the ranks of savvy business owners who've collectively saved over $1 Billion in taxes with our expert strategies – a testament to our proven success in maximizing financial gains.


Tax Strategies

We've honed our expertise in utilizing over 1,500 federal, state, and local tax strategies to minimize your tax obligations legally. We continue to push the limits of innovation in the tax world for the success of our clients.


Tax Rate

Boost your wealth or investment portfolio by leveraging our STC program, where our clients average an unbeatable 6.92% annual tax rate.

Our Best Work

Our Recent Case Studies

This selection of case studies showcases our impact. They are real-life scenarios where our tailored strategies and solutions have helped our clients achieve significant financial breakthroughs. Let’s explore these success stories together and see how Tax Goddess can make a difference for you.

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