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Did you know that by increasing your contribution to qualifying organizations you can get maximum deductions off your tax bill?

Tax Goddess Business Services, P.C., encourages its clients to contribute to organizations such as Public Schools, Private Schools and Foster Care in order to maximum deductions.


If you don’t know who to contribute to you can use the forms below to use to directly donate to other members (clients, vendors, friends, etc.) of the Tax Goddess family!

PRIVATE SCHOOL CREDITS: Link to donate: Tax Goddess Scholarship Fund

PUPLIC SCHOOL CREDITS – Scottsdale School District – Link to donate: Click Here

PUBLIC SCHOOL CREDITS – Cherokee Elementary School – Click here to download form.

FOSTER CARE CREDITS: Foster Care Charitable Organization Tax Credit Form (Donate Here)

WORKING POOR CREDITS: Gabriel’s Angels Tax Credit Form with Brochure (

Support MFRF (Military Family Relief Fund) – Support AZ Veterans

Jackson Hine Scholarship Fund

Alexandra Lyons Scholarship Fund


Public Schools
You can find more information on the tax credit and a link to the Department of Education sponsored listing of the public and charter schools.

Extracurricular activities are school sponsored activities that require enrolled students to pay a fee in order to participate. To determine if an extracurricular activity is tax credit eligible and other guidelines click on the following link:

Cherokee Elementary School Tax Credit Information

Private Schools
Information on the tax credit and a list of School Tuition Organizations can be found at:

Link to donate:

Foster Care
A list of Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization in Arizona can be found at:

Qualifying Charitable Organizations
(Formerly Working Poor)

An individual income tax credit is also available for contributions that provide assistance to the working poor. You can learn more about by visiting:

For a general listing of Qualifying Charitable Organizations please visit:

Az Military Relief Fund: 

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund was established by the Arizona Legislature in 2007 to provide financial assistance to the families of currently deployed Service Members and post-9/11 Military and Veteran Families for hardships caused by the Service Member’s deployment to a combat zone.

Support MFRF (Military Family Relief Fund) – Support AZ Veterans



New 2016 limits and due dates: (remember, make contributions before 12/31/17 to have them count for 2017 returns!)

Type of Credit Donation due date for tax year 2017 Single / Head of Household cap Married Filing Joint cap Which nonprofits can I donate to for this credit?
Qualifying Charitable Organization
(formerly Working Poor)
4/15/2018 $400.00 $800.00 2017 Qualifying Charitable Organizations
Foster Care Charitable Organization 4/17/2018 $500.00 $1,000.00 2017 Foster Care Organizations
Public School Tax Credit 4/15/2018 $200.00 $400.00 Look up Arizona public schools here
Private School Tuition Tax Credit (Forms 323 and 348) 4/15/2018 $1,089.00 ($546 – Form 323;$543 –   Form 348) $2,177.00 ($1,092 – Form 323;$1,085 – Form 348) 2017 School Tuition Organizations qualified for the Arizona tax credits
Military Family Relief Fund Tax Credit* 12/31/2017 $200.00 $400.00 Download the form and payment instructions here


PLEASE NOTE: As of late Aug 2018 there was a proposed law change that would disallow a double deduction for these charitable credits at the federal level for contributions made after Aug 2018. You are still eligible for the AZ state tax credits as the change would only impact your ability to take them as charity donations at the federal level.
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