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Are you “in-Shape”?

Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs we work so hard on the business and in it that we fail to remember ourselves!  Without us, often the business would collapse (especially at the start-up stage) – then what would we do!?

Here are Shauna’s top 3 tips for keeping In-Shape this year (and every day!)

1) Meditate each day (even if it’s just for 2 minutes!)  It is amazing what a little piece and quiet can do for you, and you can do it from the comfort of your desk.  Checkout for 2 minute guided meditation techniques!

2) Get a check-up, annual, at least!  One of our client partners In-Shape MD of Biltmore, Arizona is currently running a screaming deal – offering a $50 annual checkup including a $300 value blood-panel to make sure that everything is right where it should be! (Call Frank Fischer @ 480-710-8175 or visit his website)

Baby Shade @ 2 mos
Shauna’s tiniest doggie addition – Shade

3) Cuddle your pets, kids, spouse, other!  Gentle touch has been shown to facilitate physical and psychological functioning, particularly in terms of reducing stress, relieving pain, increasing the ability to cope, and general health ratings.

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