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Since 2004, Tax Goddess has helped thousands of businesses save money and operate more efficiently. We hear from our clients daily about how happy they are with what we do for them. From basic bookkeeping to payroll, tax returns to strategic tax planning – we do it all and we do it VERY well. Here are a few examples of what our clients are saying about us:

Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting

Liz Illg, of Puff and Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting, uses Tax Goddess Business Services® for all of her tax needs throughout the year. She utilizes both their bookkeeping and payroll services and, when Tax Goddess ran a special on yearly bookkeeping, she took full advantage of it.

Liz loves how Shauna and the entire Tax Goddess Staff always answer her questions promptly and without hesitation, always offering helpful advice on anything she needs related to her business.

“I am constantly referring business to them, as I trust them with all my needs.”

Cushman Wakefield

Brian Rosella, of Cushman Wakefield, used to spend hours compiling all of his information and getting it to his accountant for his tax return every year. Brian thought it was a big waste.

Now, since Brian started using Tax Goddess Business Services® for both accounting and bookkeeping, all of this is taken care of for him. Brian says he loves how Tax Goddess goes above and beyond your typical accounting service by always spending the time to explain things in an understandable and helpful manner – always going out of their way to understand his business and figure out new ways to help.

Using Tax Goddess allows Brian to focus his time and energy on where he needs it most… his business.

“I would recommend their services without hesitation!”

Dr. Liz Cruz, M.D.

Dr. Liz Cruz, M.D., has been with Tax Goddess Business Services® since 2008. Liz owns several businesses and she uses Tax Goddess to do her returns every year. On occasion, they even offer up bookkeeping advice to her.

Dr. Cruz says that Tax Goddess Business Services® is always helpful and easy to work with, she loves how quickly they respond to her and, unlike other tax preparation firms, she never feels like she is getting nickel-and-dimed for every little thing. Liz says she knows that she can count on Shauna and her team for anything that involves her accounting and tax needs, and she considers Tax Goddess to be her trusted business partner.

“Time and time again, they deliver.”

SHERPA & Associates

Dale Wernette, founder of SHERPA & Associates, went through a challenging and stressful time a few years ago, as he faced off with some complicated real estate tax issues.

Shauna and The Tax Goddess Team worked diligently to make sure the various forms and necessary paperwork were in place. Dale appreciated how accommodating and flexible the staff was, and he says he would recommend them to anyone in need of tax preparation assistance.

“Shauna is extremely knowledgeable and current on all the tax laws and their ramifications.”

Dr. Tony S.

Dr. Tony S. has been using Tax Goddess Business Services® for all of his business and personal filings for many years now. He has also received assistance with various LLC filings and he appreciates that his inquiries are always responded to in a timely and friendly manner.

What he likes the most about working with Tax Goddess is the proactive approach that Shauna takes to tax planning. By strategically planning throughout the year, there are never any surprises when tax time rolls around.

“Shauna has consistently provided very comprehensive and thorough advice…”

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