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IRS issues

Need help with IRS issues?

Do not fret. We at Tax Goddess are experts with vast experience handling IRS issues and representation. It’s one of the reasons we’re in the top 1% CPA in the country!

The IRS shouldn’t make you lose your sleep, and we are here to make sure of that.

Every individual and business dreads having IRS issues. An audit notice could unnerve anyone, especially when they are unsure what to do, and knowing their reactions will likely be documented and used against them.

Our experience has allowed us to engage and establish professional rapports with different IRS offices across the country.

Our team anticipates and reacts proactively on IRS issues and representation to prevent complications and unnecessary distractions.

However, it is important to reach out for help if you have pending IRS issues or are unsure about what to do to avoid problems with your tax filing. A stitch in time would save nine.

Book a 30-minute zoom call to get help for FREE now!

Through our IRS representation plan, we have helped clients handle inquiries and queries from the IRS, get leniency, and save money on interest.

We are happy to ensure you sleep well at night without worrying about the IRS. 

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