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If any of the following IRS-related items apply to you, contact the Tax Goddess immediately:

  •  Have you been contacted by the IRS?
  •  Gotten a notice?
  •  Owe money?
  •  Not sure why they show the amounts they show?
  •  Worried about liens?
  • Want to make an Offer in Compromise?

MakeAnAppointmentIf you find yourself in the dreaded situation of having to deal with the IRS, make sure you talk to us first! When dealing with the IRS, every word you say and every comment you make will likely be documented and might be damaging to your cause.

As trained and experienced professionals, we will guide you on how to appropriately respond to notices, telephone calls, and other such inquiries in a manner which will greatly enhance your opportunities and leniency with the IRS.

We have dealt with IRS offices around the country and have contacts with whom we can work directly, depending on your situation. We know how frustrating it is, and how scary it can sometimes be, to talk with the IRS to work out a solution. We have resolved many difficult situations for clients, and were able to save them money on interest, penalties, and sometimes even the principal payments.

If you received a notice from the IRS, do not wait – Contact us as soon as possible to review your particular situation and determine how we might be able to help you!

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