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13WCF – The 13 Week Cash Flow Model for Business Thrivability


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We believe that the profit loss and the balance sheets are just not enough these days. There are so many other factors in knowing the health of your business and often for small and medium-size businesses they don’t have an entire accounting team, internal to their operation, to be able to create forecasting, budgets, and or even basic cash flow models.

The 13 week cash flow system allows a business owner to use a simplified version of some of the more complex options available to be able to review the health and short-term thrivability of their business.

This course will train you:

  • The basics of the 13 week cash flow model (The 13WCF)
  • What to consider in preparing your 13WCF model
  • What are the (3) basic components of the 13WCF model
  • The Cash & Income Sections
  • The Expense Section (True Expenses)
  • The Expense Section (Debts)
  • The Expense Section (Fudge Accounts & Savings)
  • The Expense Section (Owners Profit & Retirement) – FIRE
  • What does it all mean? The 13WCF @ 13 weeks
  • What are the best ways to use the 13WCF system
  • What are some of the most common pitfalls & mistakes people make

We can’t wait to go over this with you, and help your business thrive!

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