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Tax Goddess Business Services, PC specializes in dealing with real estate investors.  We have worked with clients in over 2500 real estate deals and that number is growing every day.

Some of our specialty areas include:

  • Fix & Flips
  • Buy & Holds
  • Wholesale buying
  • Foreclosures and Shortsales
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Creative Financing
  • LLC’s, Struture and usage
  • Trusts for Real Estate
  • Self-Directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s

If you are a real estate investor we offer many packages that make your life easier including:

  • Strategies for Self-Directed accounts (both 401(k) & IRA with Checkbook Control)
  • Strategies for LLC’s and multi-level LLC’s (in various states- depending on regulation)
  • Bookkeeping and management of operations
  • 1099 and W-9 management
  • A Network of local and trustworthy vendors from Handymen to Painters to Maintenance Companies

If you would like to meet with our Real Estate Specialist CPA, Shauna Wekherlien, The Tax Goddess, please click here to schedule your FREE introductory meeting.


PLEASE NOTE: As of late Aug 2018 there was a proposed law change that would disallow a double deduction for these charitable credits at the federal level for contributions made after Aug 2018. You are still eligible for the AZ state tax credits as the change would only impact your ability to take them as charity donations at the federal level.
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