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Tax Goddess Business Services, P.C. was formed to provide a CPA / Accounting experience for clients that turns them into Raving Fans. This concept, from the book “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, has been the driving force behind Tax Goddess Business Services since its formation in August of 2004.

Raving Fans defines an AWESOME business as one where every client tells everyone they know how great your business is because they are so impressed with the relationship and benefits they have received that they can do nothing but rave about it all. (Please click here to see the Tax Goddess Business Services Testimonials Page and some of our Raving Fans)

It is the goal of Tax Goddess Business Services, P.C. to make EVERY client a raving fan as it is important to us that our clients feel like they have had such a great experience that they cannot help but tell everyone about it.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our statement of purpose, or about the book itself. We very happily recommend it to our clients, community, vendors, employees, and everyone else!

Link to Amazon for “Raving Fans” on Amazon

PLEASE NOTE: As of late Aug 2018 there was a proposed law change that would disallow a double deduction for these charitable credits at the federal level for contributions made after Aug 2018. You are still eligible for the AZ state tax credits as the change would only impact your ability to take them as charity donations at the federal level.
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