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Our tax preparation services include:

We offer a free, 30 minute tax consultation meeting to all prospective and new clients! Click the button below to schedule a meeting now!


Every client wants the lowest possible tax bill. Tax Goddess Business Services® has a team of professionals that are focused on implementing the top tax strategies for you and your company’s specific needs each year in order to achieve this goal. You know, as a client of Tax Goddess Business Services®, that you are in good hands to get you those write offs and that you have the knowledge and experience to keep and protect you from any IRS or State concerns.

We highly recommend that we have a personalized meeting with you (click here to schedule an appointment), our client, to determine the specific needs of your business, and what personal goals we can help you achieve. Tax Goddess Business Services® offers a FREE 30 minute consultation to review your situation and how Tax Goddess Business Services® might be able to help you! We ask that to your initial tax meeting you bring with you a copy of your prior years tax return and copies of your current year information. In most cases, once we have our meeting we will be able to determine a set amount that your tax return preparation will cost, so you have no surprises on your final bill. Considering that our tax services are dependent on the complex nature of each return, our initial meeting will also help us determine the time required to accurately complete each return.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Have you heard the term LLC and are not quite sure what that means? Tax Goddess Business Services® offers a complementary meeting to all new business owners to review the ins and outs of owning an LLC. LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) are often used by businesses to protect and maintain a corporate type veil of protection for the assets and interests of the owners of the business. Tax Goddess Business Services® has helped owners of LLC’s navigate this flexible entity type and helped them understand the rules and necessities of owning an LLC. Some of the common issues relating to LLC’s that Tax Goddess Business Services® can help you with are:

  • Distributions/Contributions
  • Real Estate purchases/investing
  • Corporate veil issues
  • Membership interests
  • Formation and articles
  • Structure/planning
  • Taxation, preparation and planning

Please contact us for specific information on these topics, or for your free 30 minute initial consultation on your LLC.


Often the Corporation label can be confusing for business owners as there are two types of Corporation formats under which a business is taxed, an S-Corporation (1120S) and a C-Corporation (1120). Our firm has been providing services for these two types of corporations and our staff is well versed in the specifics of each. Our firm has dealt with such issues as:

  • Mergers
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Valuations
  • Interstate, Allocations, Research, and Reporting
  • Formation and articles
  • Structure/planning
  • Taxation, preparation and planning

Since these types of issues can be complex, we meet with each of our clients to determine the need for any work that is required for these diverse and ever-changing entities.


Partnerships, the formation of a business by two or more individuals, are a very common entity type, and are one of the most complex! This is an area of the tax code which can lead to fabulous tax benefits or despairing tax events depending on how the tax returns are filed and the Operating Agreement is created. Tax Goddess Business Services®’s consulting has saved more than one business owner through the issues of partnerships and walking them around the potential pitfalls. Common issues are:

  • Basis calculations/Reporting Schedules
  • Partnership & Operating agreements *
  • Auto usage/health insurance premiums
  • Formation and articles
  • Structure/planning
  • Taxation, preparation and planning
  • Buy/Sell agreements

Since each partnership has a different make-up and specific issues to itself we like to meet with our partnership clients in order to best determine the types of services that the partnership may need.

* These agreements are one of the most important parts of a partnership, and it is important that you know what they mean to your business! We can help!


There are many situations that can be covered within an individual tax return, a few of which are listed below. It is important that you contact us if any of these apply to you so that we can properly review your specific data and situation.

  • Rental Properties or Real Estate Investments*
  • Sole Proprietorships – small businesses with one owner – also known as a “Schedule C” business
  • Self-Employment Taxes
  • Medical deductions
  • Child care expenses
  • Education Expenses
  • Home office deductions
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Charitable giving
  • Arizona state and local tax issues
  • Married filing single, married filing joint, single and head of household distinctions
  • Taxation, preparation and planning

* For Real Estate Investors – Tax Goddess Business Services®, P.C. has a specialty in this field of taxes, and is deeply ingrained in real estate tax issues.


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