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Tax Goddess Business Services® greatly appreciates our client testimonials and we are happy to service our clients in a way that creates raving fans! The professionals below are raving fans of Tax Goddess Business Services®.  If you want to submit a testimonial, please call our offices at 602-362-7939.

Shannon Johnson of

Dale Wernette
Sherpa & Associates

Carolyn Steinbeigle
Wellness Therapy Clinics

David Goodman
IT Service

Dan Grumeretz of
Grumeretz Illustration

Will McKinley
Real Estate Agent

Lynwood Johnson
MLS Direct Network, Inc.

Dave Barnhart
Business Blogging Pros, LLC

Wes Waddle
Wesmar I

Kathy Weitzal
Small Business Owner

Tina Nunziato
Arizona Digestive Health


I’ve been very happy working with the team at Tax Goddess Business Services®. Once I started my own business, I knew I needed an expert to help me navigate the extra level of complication to my taxes. Shauna and everyone else at Tax Goddess has been friendly, helpful, and absolutely professional in making it easy to manage something I didn’t want to handle on my own. Many thanks to Shauna and her staff!
Sonia Charry

I can’t thank you and your staff enough, it is so nice to work with a professional organization. Every one of your staff members has been most courteous each time I have communicated with them. It must be a reflection of some serious leadership (managers are trained, leaders are born with the instinct). You guys are first rate.
John W

Thank you for taking me as a client. As a small business owner, I sincerely appreciate your passion as the “Tax Goddess” that is only surpassed by your knowledge. Not only am I totally satisfied with your abilities and services, every person I have referred to you feels the same way. I wouldn’t let anyone else handle my precious business.
Sue Shipman

Where do you get good business advice about your taxes and financial matters? It is a challenge in today’s market because of the different voices and different advice which is easy to absorb from the Internet, magazines, television and other sources. To establish our LLC, we turned to Shauna and her associates at Tax Goddess Business Services® and found excellent advice and timely service. With complete confidence, I can recommend Tax Goddess Business Services® for your business and tax needs.
W. Terry Whalin

Thanks so much for diving into a rather complex tax situation for my wife and me, new clients to you who came to you rather close to our filing deadline. You made what easily could have been a difficult scenario very easy for us. You were efficient and pleasant and took control to walk us through some issues that, for us, were very difficult. You really did provide much needed support.
Loren Molever

Mine is not a happy story but if there is one shining star in the whole mess it is that Tax Goddess Business Services® and its employees are professional and have all the skills and knowledge to help me through it. In 2005, I attempted to do my own taxes (a very big mistake) and found myself being attacked by the IRS for leaving a line blank which has cost me dearly and it is still not over. I went to Tax Goddess Business Services® after finding them in the electronic phone book. I had no knowledge of their skills or experience. Thank God they were skilled in the area of my problem. My nightmare is not over yet, but I know that if nothing else, I will have Shauna and her team in my corner and we will not stop until a fair and balanced conclusion has come my way. Thanks Shauna!
Brian Reed

The people at Tax Goddess Business Services® have to be some of the MOST honest and ethical, hard-working individuals. It’s amazing to see a business that truly has a vested interest in you and your business. From hosting the famous wine tastings, (which have absolutely generated business for your clients) to spending time actively involved in the community, Tax Goddess Business Services® cares! Working with Tax Goddess Business Services® is a fantastic experience where you feel like a member of their family. Who would have thought taxes could be an enjoyable process? With Shauna the tax goddess and her great team, they really can be!
Jennifer F.

Shauna and her team have saved us a bundle. Their attention to detail is much appreciated! We are so relieved to have our books done in such a timely & organized manner. Meeting with Shauna throughout the year has helped us to strategize in a way that was not possible before. Preparing for next year this year allows us to position ourselves & forecast. We have the upmost respect for the way Shauna runs her business & enables us to run ours.
Andy N.

I was introduced to you by a friend of mine a couple of years ago… You and your staff have always been so personable and friendly. Not to mention VERY informative. I was used to using a CHEAP competitor in the past. That is something I am happy to say I will never do again. I am now a firm believer in “you get what you pay for!”

My wife and I are both realtors and have a PLC for our business. We had previously been with another CPA who did not do the job properly. Since Shauna bailed us out and repaired the mess we were in, she has been our primary accounting source and tax planner. We will never go anywhere else. She is an expert in her field and completely honest. Her fees are competitive and her range of business services is impressive. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone or any business in need of superior CPA services.
Michael McCall

I turned to Tax Goddess Business Services® when we first launched Sacks PR, and over the last 3 years, I have leaned heavily on Shauna and her team for our accounting and bookkeeping needs. Their service is high touch, consistent, and thorough. I could not imagine being without their help and guidance.
Kathy Sacks

Shauna is a true professional. She is a CPA who takes a holistic approach with her clients and is truly dedicated to the community. Shauna and I have been part of several educational seminars and I have enjoyed each one tremendously. Shauna is knowledgeable and brings complex financial information into a format that business owners can understand and implement. Shauna is a true professional who brings heart to her clients and the community.
Nancy Campo

I have worked with Shauna for several years now. As a consultant, my clients rely on me to know the best resources in town. Not only do I go to Tax Goddess Business Services® for my own taxes, I refer my clients there, as well. I have saved money on my taxes and my returns are accurate and professional. My clients think I’m a genius because I know such great tax people. I can recommend Tax Goddess Business Services® without reservation.
Deb Morgaina
Avalon Office Organization & Management

Thank you, Tax Goddess Business Services® for making my tax experience go smoothly. I like knowing that when I hand my stuff over that everything will be in good hands and I won’t have to worry about it! Shauna is sharp. I love seeing all the money I save every year from using Tax Goddess Business Services®.
Chen Yen, PharmD
RPh Temp Service, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to be afforded the opportunity to write this letter regarding Ms. Wekherlien’s professional ability and level of service. I strongly recommend Ms. Wekherlien and Tax Goddess Business Services®, P.C. to anyone who needs a small business accountant. Ms. Wekherlien has been invaluable in helping to launch two businesses for me in the past year. From the planning stages through to execution and ongoing business management, her advice has been accurate and timely. As many small business owners know, there is always work to be done, and sometimes questions cannot wait for business hours. Ms. Wekherlien is often available for calls and questions on off-hours such as nights and weekends. Furthermore, Ms. Wekherlien’s rates are very reasonable, especially given her knack for providing strategic choices based on meticulous research. I look forward to growing the value of my businesses with the advice and skills of Ms. Wekherlien. With her as my advisor, I feel confident that the value of businesses will grow. Sincerely,
Robert J. Reynolds
MPH President and CEO,
Vice President

Shauna has been doing our taxes for three years now. We have been very happy with the service she provides. Our taxes are fairly complicated because we have rental properties and a small personal business. Shauna is very thorough and knowledgeable in handling all of the issues involved with the complex tax situation. She has also been extremely helpful in training us to use QuickBooks to make our accounting tasks much easier.
Kit and Tami Critchlow

Shauna has saved me so much money. She really knows her stuff and what is going to be best for her clients. I also appreciate her willingness to work with me in teaching me how to better track my finances. Thanks Shauna!
Tami Conover
Relationship Enrichment Center

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