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Learn or Succeed

  • What’s your favorite go to, live by saying?
  • I like to keep a positive attitude so for me; I never lose. I only succeed or I learn.
  • I learned this in Norway and it really stuck with me.

Hey, everybody. It’s Shauna, the Tax Goddess, here with you live from our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, I want to talk about this saying that I heard while I was overseas in the Arctic Circle. We were visiting some clients in Ireland, and Scotland, and Norway, all of that arctic area and they have this saying that anytime something would go wrong, they would say, “Listen, I never lose. I only succeed or I learn.” One of the two, succeed or learn and that really just sat with me because we win things, right? We succeed at things or we learn, right? Definitely fits along with my positive attitude about the world, you know, everything … There’s always that silver lining, you guys know me, but definitely really kind of sat with me, so I’ll repeat it again. I never lose, I only succeed or I learn.

So we’d love to hear you guys feedback. Do you guys have a favorite phrase or catchphrase or something that sticks with you? We’d love to get your commentary on that. Always a good thing for all of us to share and learn from each other, so hope you guys are having an amazing June 6th. It’s definitely getting hot out here in Arizona but hopefully the rest of you around the country are enjoying some beautiful, beautiful summer weather, so hope you guys are having a great day and remember, you never lose, you only learn or succeed. All right. Have a great day guys, I’ll see you later. Bye.

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