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What’s the easiest way to track mileage?

This is one of the hardest things for people to do. The IRS expects people to track mileage, where they went, they met with, why were they there, beginning and ending odometer readings, lots of other pertinent data in your mileage record. Of course most people picture doing this on a paper. Who wants to do that?

There are a few awesome apps that you can use to track your mileage for you. Most of them come with GPS tracking if you enable it 🙂 They make things really easy 🙂

Personally I would recommend MileTracker, or mile bug. Both of them are awesome, easy-to-use, and very easily printable for Irs records 🙂

Scottsdale CPA, Shauna Wekherlien, Tax Goddess tells us how to deduct mileage easily
Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, Tax Goddess tells us how to deduct mileage easily
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