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Five Ways to Raise Successful Children

Today I read a great article on get Rich slowly.  It was about the five ways to raise successful children.  I have to say that I was very impressed with the article, and the five ways. I don’t have children myself, if I did I would definitely take these five top tips and use them. In fact I passed on this article to my youngest sister who intends on having children in the somewhat near future.

I think my favorite is the first one, being given an incentive to learn from the Masters. My favorite master, Mr. Gerber, from the E-Myth series, is definitely one of my top experts.  I would most certainly did each of my children two dollars per chapter to read, and then write a summary paragraph about each chapter and its value propositions. I would also loan them to give me three areas in their lives at the current time of writing where this value/values could be used in their day-to-day.

This article definitely has some other great tips such as encouraging questioning, providing unconditional love,showing the importance of a strong work ethic, teaching kids to be powerful in their own right.

I also firmly believe that parents should help their children understand the ways of business from the beginning of the young lives. Helping them set up a lemonade stand, and helping them understand what is inventory, cost of goods sold, profit, and gross revenues, and what the difference between all of these items truly are ( even just for a small lemonade stand) are a great way for children to learn the ways of the world early on.  It also provides an excellent understanding of how much money is worth, what money will really buy, and as the articles author states importance of a strong work ethic.

I wish those of you with children the best of luck in raising the next level and a group of our worlds entrepreneurs.

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