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Is Your Banker Your Best Friend?

“People let me tell you ’bout my best friend,
He’s a warm hearted person who’ll love me till the end.”

Is your banker your best friend?  Are they someone you call when you have a problem (financially related or not)?  Do you consider them a trusted advisor; a consultant on all things business?  If not, it may be time for you to consider having this type of relationship with either your current banker – or if need be – to begin the tedious process of finding your new best friend… err, banker I mean.

In today’s day and age, small businesses have more things than ever to worry about, to take care of and to pay for.  Overhead and salaries don’t even begin to describe the issues running through the head of almost every small business owner out there.   And with so much to do and even more to concern yourself with on a daily basis, why not choose someone that is already so very close to your heart (IE: your business and your money) to be a trusted resource with all things business?  Chances are your banker knows of very qualified people in a variety of industries that can and will help you succeed.  People that you may spend valuable time trying to find on your own and who may or may not end up being a good fit for your small business – or worse – they end up just costing you more than the money you pay them to go away.  Besides, your banker has a vested interest in ensuring you succeed – you prosper and they prosper and everyone wins!

Another upside to having this type of relationship with your banker is the ability to get an outside perspective from a professional that knows your business model, your personality, and perhaps most importantly, your dreams.  Your banker should be able to provide you with options, advice and/or resources to the quandaries life throws at small business owners.

So the next time you find yourself in the market for a “fill-in-the-blank”, consider calling your new best friend.  It’s not just a great song anymore, folks… or at least it shouldn’t be!


Wendi L. Martinez

Vice President

Client Manager

Business Banking – Arizona / Nevada / Sacramento

Direct: 602-222-4672

Fax: 602-222-1272

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