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Life is Good: Remember to Weave in the Fun

  • No matter what you do, whether it’s knitting, playing tennis, traveling, playing with your kids, taking walks in the forest or desert, make sure that you book time for yourself.
  • As entrepreneurs we can get really busy, and sometimes work takes over everything.
  • Be your own stress buster.

Hey guys. It’s Shauna, the Tax Goddess, coming to you live from Helsinki in Finland today. As you guys know, I love to travel. One of the things that I love about traveling is having a chance to actually do some education and some learning. It’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about today. When I’m on the plane, you know there’s not much you can do, there’s no internet so you’re watching movies, or reading books, or whatever it is. I love to listen to podcasts

I just found a new podcast called The Science of Success, and in this one he was interviewing one of the co-founders of the Life is Good company. In this podcast one of the things that the co-founder brought up as one of the most important things that he thinks that a business owner can do in their lives is to weave in fun. To book time, schedule time, make sure that whatever you find fun. If that’s knitting, or playing tennis, or traveling, or playing with your kids, or taking walks in the forest, in the dessert, whatever it is make sure that you book time for yourself. As entrepreneurs we can get really, really busy, and sometimes life takes over, the business takes over, work takes over. I thought that this was a really apt point.

I know business owners that will go for three, four, five weeks and they don’t understand why they’re feeling burnt out, but it’s because they haven’t done anything fun. They haven’t weaved any piece of what brings them joy, besides their business. Of course as entrepreneurs normally our businesses bring us joy, but they haven’t brought any of the outside life of what brings them joy into their world. They’ve been so busy focusing on their business.

Today’s video is literally just a reminder. Make sure you book some you time, make sure you get to weave in some of the fun stuff. For those of you that know me travel is my fun stuff, besides being overseas to work with some clients over here I’m doing some random stuff. Yesterday I was in Copenhagen, and I went to the Vasa Museum, V-A-S-A. I’m sorry Stockholm. Stockholm not Copenhagen, but anyway the Vasa Museum and it was probably one of the coolest museums I have seen in a long, long time.

If you guys have checked out my other channel, Without Bags, you can see my excitement. I swear, I think I look like a little five year old running around the museum with how cool it was, and filming, and that kind of thing. Make sure you’re weaving fun into your life. It is so important to keep your mental, and emotional, and health balance.

Hope you guys are having a great day, and looking forward to bringing you more tips and tricks by the Tax Goddess. Have a wonderful day, I’ll talk to you guys later. Make sure you like, subscribe, click, all that other good stuff. All right, share. Bye.

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