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Success Defined

I wanted to write up a little something on what I feel success is.

 Success is:

  • Doing what makes you HAPPY
  • Doing what you feel passionate about
  • Being able to financially afford the things and adventures and lifestyle that you really want*
  • Being with the people that you truly love and care for
  • Being FREE.
What things in your life are you holding on to because you think you “should?”  What things in your life are causing you headaches, stress, anger, that can you apply the Pareto Principle to (the 80/20 Rule) and get away from?
What makes you truly HAPPY?
I believe that this is success.  I believe that if you can make your world to your satisfaction – which I believe that everyone can – you will be successful and feel and live successfully.
Give me your feedback!  What do you believe is success?  Do you feel successful?
*Notice that I am am saying what you really want: not what the media tells you you want, not what your friends are buying so you feel like you need to keep up with the Joneses, not what your Mother/Father think you should have – what YOU REALLY WANT.
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