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Seven deadly small business sins #4

Okay, so now they’ve hired someone, you’ve realized that they shouldn’t be there.

What an awful feeling.

Unfortunately, you are the business owner. You need to make the decision to do what is right for the rest of your people and for your firm. A bad Apple can completely destroy a company’s culture, the morale of the rest of the employees working for you, and your own sense of confidence.

There are many, many seasoned and trained professionals who fear firing someone. As I mentioned in the previous post, if you do not get rid of someone as soon as you realize they need to be gone, it costs you seven times their hourly salary to keep them in all of the additional ways that they hurt your business.

the best way to do it? Rip off the Band-Aid.

Do it, do it fast, do it with the appropriate language per your HR department / HR outsourced professional, and get over it. You will find the correct person for you and your team.

Here’s to hoping you never have to fire anyone,

Shauna Wekherlien, your Tax Goddess

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