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Seven deadly small business sins #3

Have you ever made a plain bad hire?

Now, how did it happen?

About higher can cost a company up to seven times that person’s revenue for every day that they stay on board that they really shouldn’t. A bad hire can happen for many reasons, you hired a friend, you hired a family member, you didn’t do the appropriate testing, you aren’t paying enough for the position, there are lots of reasons and I’m sure you have your own.

It takes patience and skill to hire the right people and busy entrepreneurs are easily romance by the applicant who says “don’t worry, I can take care of everything.”

When it comes to interviewing for my office we go through many sets of interviews. The first interview is with our HR outsourced department. They will do personality testing, skills testing, and of course a verbal and face-to-face interview. If the candidate has passed this then they come to interview with the firm. They will interview with the person they are working for. Have a separate interview with the manager. This gives us plenty of opportunity, and for multiple view points, to determine whether we really want this person working day today next to us.

Make sure that you’re calling for references, that you’re using great people to help you do the appropriate testing, that you’re asking tough questions about your candidates.  Above all else, make sure that you have the patience to find the right person. You do not want to hire when you’re in a pinch and need someone.

If you need help from a fabulous HR outsourced department please do not hesitate to e-mail me and I will get you the name of our amazing people.

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