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Seven deadly small business sins #5

Lack of standards.  

Many times, when you open a business, you are so busy just working on getting that would you out the door that you forget what it’s like to be the customer. You forget what it is that they see when they walk through your door and see the dirty shop for, or the dirty restaurant counter.

Having a set of standards, and enforcing them throughout the company, is what helps clients see the same image of your company that you have in your mind. You have to remember that even though your clients love you they will see what they see when they walk in. They will experience what they experience throughout the interaction with your company.

Do you have your set of standards, your set of operating rules, for how you want your business run and what kind of experience you want your clients to have?

If not, maybe it’s a good weekend project. Something to get into place before Monday morning.

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