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There’s a race to the bottom, one where communities fight to suspend labor and environmental rules in order to become the world’s cheapest supplier. The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win…

In Seth Godin’s article he talks about the loss of many of the jobs, the continuing economic downturn, and the continuance of unemployment.  He describes how there are two different ways that we can proceed from our most recent revolution (the industrial revolution) in deciding, as a country or as individual people, how we should create more jobs and revive our economy.

1) We can, as a country, move forward into a new revolution of the internet, computers, intellectual jobs, and learn to outsource the items that as a country we should not continue to work towards


2) We can drive a game to the bottom of the chain, remove environmental protections, minimum wages, and fight to stay with our previous industrial revolution.

Which would you prefer?

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