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Virtual Tax Preparation Service

7 easy steps for saving more on your taxes

Want to make more money and legally keep that hard earned cash in your pocket! Here are 7 easy steps to follow.

Seven easy steps to keeping more cash in your pocket. Step one, call us. Book an appointment with one of our strategic tax coaches, and submit your tax returns for review. Step two, we review your tax returns, giving us an understanding of how much tax you’re currently paying, and allowing us to identify areas for tax reduction. Step three, we meet with you to find out more about you and your family, your dreams, goals, and desires. What good is a plan to save you loads of money if it doesn’t work with how you want to live your life? Step four, we provide your estimated tax savings figure and the cost to create your customized, strategic tax plan. Average return on investment is over 16 times the cost. Step five, to proceed, you’ll complete our in-depth questionnaire. This is where we get all the details to really maximize your savings. Step six, we craft your customized plan, tailored specifically for you, finding every deduction to keep the most amount of money in your pocket legally. Step seven, we deliver your plan, typically over 150 pages full of tax-saving goodness, and provide ongoing support to help you implement your plan, to save as much as possible.


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