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Tax Goddess Services

At Tax Goddess, we pride ourselves on providing practically every accounting and bookkeeping related service a small to medium-sized business owner would need. We deliver expert financial services, and we do it without being ‘stuffy’. Our team is comprised of a seasoned CPA, energetic tax savings experts, hardworking bookkeepers, and other finance gurus with awesome personalities at no extra charge! You will find our approach refreshing.

Tax Strategy Planning

Small and medium-sized business owners are the backbone of our economy and are the creators of most jobs. Unfortunately, they are inundated with regulations and taxes that make it very difficult to run their businesses.

We have earned an extremely rare designation as a “Certified Tax Coach” and we take a very strategic approach to tax planning with the main goal of reducing tax burden on your business. We will help you plan and reduce taxes – in fact we guarantee it!




Tax Filing

Every person wants to pay the lowest possible tax bill. Tax Goddess Business Services has a team of professionals that are focused on implementing the top tax strategies for you and your company’s specific needs each year in order to achieve this goal.

We file tax returns and other tax-related documents for individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, S-Corporations, C- Corporations, and practically all other entities.




Deferred Sales Trust (DST)

Did you know that you can sell something “big” without paying taxes on it? Buildings, Businesses, Stock Gains, all sorts of “large” assets qualify for the specialty tax strategy known as the DST.



Bookkeeping Setup and Maintenance

Very few business owners get excited about bookkeeping. In fact, because bookkeeping is such a pain, many business owners avoid it as much as they can. However, as a business owner it is important for you to know, at any given point in time, who owes you money, what bills are outstanding, how much you’ve spent on equipment or supplies during the year, and how much money you’ve made

Tax Goddess applies this knowledge and understanding to take care of your bookkeeping, alleviating the stress of trying to handle everything in your business yourself. We have several programs for you to outsource this painful task, so you may focus on what you do best – we will be happy to discuss them with you.



Entity Formation

Are you thinking about starting your own business? What about a business that you’ve been running out of your home and you want to protect your personal assets?

There are many good reasons to officially form an entity under which to work your business. Our specialists will work with you to determine what would be the right type of entity for your specific needs.



IRS Issues and Representation

If you find yourself in the dreaded situation of having to deal with the IRS, make sure you talk to us first! When dealing with the IRS, every word you say and every comment you make will likely be documented and might be damaging to your cause.

As trained and experienced professionals, we will guide you how to appropriately respond to notices, telephone calls, and other such inquiries in a manner which will greatly enhance your opportunities and leniency with the IRS.



Real Estate Investors Services

Tax Goddess specializes in helping and serving real estate investors. We have worked with clients in over 3000 real estate deals and this number is growing every day. If you are a real estate investor we offer many packages that will make your life easier.



Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors

One of our specialties is Real Estate Agents & Brokers.  Approximately 40% of our practice relates to the field of real estate in one way or another (and our Tax Goddess has a special affinity for it as her family has been in this industry for a few hundred years!).  If you are looking for a CPA firm that understands these industries, the special needs (Cost Segregations, Multi-layer LLC’s & Partnerships, Fix & Flips & Long-term holds, Massive mileage deductions & special Real Estate Agent deductions, etc.) give us a call!



Foreclosure and Short Sales Related Services

If you are going through a short sale or a foreclosure, Tax Goddess is here to help! We understand that this can be a very scary time. You are probably hearing all sorts of things that could affect your bottom line.

Many thousands of people have been affected by foreclosures and short sales over the past decade and there are many things you must do right during and after – We want to be of service to you.


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