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Did you know that a dog is a potential tax deduction? Clearly, this doesn’t apply to just any family pet, but if your dog meets certain criteria, man’s (or woman’s) best friend can help you increase your tax deductions.

Security Dogs

Dogs that provide security are potentially tax deductible. For example, if you are a single female and you have a dog, that is taller than the height of your knee, who is trained (preferably security trained), you can actually write your dog off as security. I have a security dog, his name is Thor. My big boy, he is a 150 pounds of big black dog. If I go to visit clients at their homes, to presentations and seminars, sometimes late at night Thor comes with me. He is absolutely, 100% my security dog, so as my security dog I can write off things like his food, his training, vet bills, that kind of thing.

Medical Dogs

The other way your dog can be a tax deduction is if you have a medical dog, or a dog that is related to issues like PTSD or cancer sniffing dogs. There are dogs that are trained to do all sorts of different medical related assistance. With those types of dogs, their costs can be written off as an expense.

If you have a dog and have questions on whether or not your dog could be tax deductible for you, definitely reach out to us, we’d be happy to answer any questions on the matter. As with any possible tax deduction, be sure to check with your CPA as everyone’s situation is different.

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