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Getting ready for tax season 2014

I get a lot of questions these days about what is the best way to prepare when coming in to get your taxes done. Personally I believe that organization is one of the major keys. We have some people that come in with boxes and boxes of receipts, and of course it takes much more time for us to prepare their documents because we don’t know what all of the receipts are really for. I am never sure whether or not that meal is for business or personal for example.

If you really want to keep your tax return costs down make sure that you’re giving us totals every year rather than boxes of receipts or stacks of paperwork 🙂

Please note, we do need to see original documents of things that are sent to you. Items like your mortgage interest, your W-2, maybe those 1099s that you’re receiving. So make sure you include copies of those as well 🙂

Happy tax season! I can’t wait to see everyone, and then of course I Can’t wait for April 16th!! 🙂


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