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Seven deadly small business sins #7

You spend all this money creating a business, growing the business, investing in the business, investing your people, everything down to even buying the staplers.

How have you actually branded your business?

Poor branding is one of the most negative factors for brand-new entrepreneurial business. If you do not have a clear vision of what it is that you’re trying to bring to market, and can promote that vision in the form of a brand to the potential clients in the marketplace, you are just like any of your other competitors – another name in a sea of names.

You brand your business everyday in a million ways, everything from how your staff says hello to a new customer down to the comfiness of the chairs in your waiting room.

Have you thought about your brand? Have you walk through your office stores as if you were a brand-new customer and looked at the world around you with fresh eyes? What are you going to do tomorrow to get your brand straight with the vision you have for your company in the world?

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