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Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA (AZ), Masters in Taxation, Certified Tax Coach, Certified Tax Strategist, “Tax Goddess”

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA (AZ), MTax "Tax Goddess"

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTS, commonly known as The Tax Goddess, is a US’ Top 1% ranked, highly sought-after Tax Strategist. She is passionate about helping successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-wage earners reduce their tax burden. Having founded Tax Goddess Business Services, PC in 2004, she has built a large global team of tax specialists who use “plain language” (not tax code) to help her clients create tax opportunities and manage tax risk legally.

Shauna, the “Tax Goddess,” as she’s fondly called, is engaging and enthusiastic and has been called a “pure joy” to work with. She makes taxes “fun.” Her proprietary program “STC” (Strategic Tax Coaching), boasts a current average tax rate of 6.92% for her clients. With over 4700 tax plans written thus far, the Tax Goddess team has been able to help clients save over $1.12 Billion in taxes.

Shauna herself is a zealous tax and financial educator. She is a highly-demanded ranked best-selling author and speaker with advanced communication and public speaking skills. Over the past years, she has been featured in many publications, such as Forbes and Entrepreneur, as well as hundreds of television and podcast appearances, such as CNN, CBS, NBC, the 10 Minute Entrepreneur, the Lifeblood Podcast, and the Action and Ambition Podcast

From pioneering Tax Goddess to changing the tax game, Shauna continues to be a trailblazer in every sense. Shauna continues to tax break barriers and empower others.

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA’s background is in:

  • High Wealth Financial Planning Management (KPMG),
  • Business Tax Strategy and Planning (American Express – Tax & Business Services), and
  • Wealth Transfer and Business Entity Strategy.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Tax structures and partnerships / S-corporations (How to Setup, Deal with, and Operate S-corps, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and C-Corps)
  • Cash flow/entity fund management (Making sure your bottom line is as high as possible!)
  • Real Estate Transactions (Foreclosures, Short Sales, Investing, Fix & Flips, Real Estate Professional Status)
  • LLC management (Determining how to move money between entities for the minimum tax owed or largest refund possible!)

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA is available to speak for your organization or at your corporate event. Reach to us at

She speaks a little bit of Spanish, loves to Travel, and has 5 dogs, Shade (the old man), Eos (the destroyer of water sprinklers!), Thor (her Big Boy), Cato (the serious) and Kali who are her favorite little “monsters”.

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