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Ratul Bin Hasan

Ratul is based in Jamalpur, Bangladesh, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from IUBAT and MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Pabna University of Science and Technology. With a passion for automation, Ratul is…

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Ovie Kenneth Agadagba

Ovie is based in Nigeria and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. He has about eight years of experience in tech support, IT service delivery, and cybersecurity and several IT certifications. He works…

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Samuel Katamba

Samuel is based in Kampala, Uganda, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Makerere University and a Diploma in Information Technology from the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology. Samuel is a marketing enthusiast with vast…

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Muhammad Sabir Khan

Sabir is from Islamabad, Pakistan, and has a Bachelor's degree in IT. He has four years of WordPress experience and is a Senior WordPress developer at Tax Goddess Business Service. In his free time, he likes to play games, watch…

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Doreen Paco

Doreen is a dedicated and hardworking database administrator. She is a graduate of Business Administration with a major in Operations Management. Before joining Tax Goddess, she worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist for six years in a Digital Services firm…

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Carlo Tabañag

Carlo is a graduate with Bachelors of Electrical Engineering. He has been working for over 8 years on Marketing and Automation for various companies. He has helped many clients to automate their business processes using CRM and other integration tools.…

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Manmohan Singh

Manmohan is Graduate in Computer Applications and has 15 years of experience in Infrastructure management. He is a Database and IT engineer at Tax Goddess Business Services®. He loves to travel and is a soccer fan.

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Jose Manuel Rojas Villar

Jose has an educational background in informatics engineering from the Experimental National University of Tachira in Venezuela. He is a detail-oriented and problem-solving PHP developer with proficiency in javascript, database coding, design, testing, and debugging, gathered for over six years…

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Matti Ur Rehman Khan

Matti is a graduate of Computer Systems Engineering. He has 8 Years of Experience in IT Technical Support with different industries. In his Spare time, He love to watch Cricket Match highlights and spending quality time with his family.

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Hamid Ali Aftab

Hamid lives in Pakistan. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of Punjab in Commerce and an ACCA (Associate Certified Chartered Accountant) from the Skans School of Accountancy. He works as a Database admin in Tax Goddess to keep…

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Umair Ali

Umair is a Pakistani national who graduated from the University of Sargodha with a master's degree in computer science and information technology. He has been a software developer for more than 8 years. Umair works at Tax Goddess Business Services®,…

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Himanshu Kumar

Himanshu is from Delhi, India. He graduated from the University of Uttar Pradesh Technical University with a Master's degree in Computer Applications. Himanshu has been a full-stack web developer for more than eight years and is a programming manager at…

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Hameed Shitta Bey

Hameed is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria. Hameed is focused on resolving tech issues and helping the overall performance within Tax Goddess. Weekend activities include…

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Moez Ahmad

Moez Ahmad is a skilled and dedicated Database Administrator with over 5 years of hands-on experience. He possesses a deep understanding of database management systems and is proficient in handling data organization, security, and performance optimization. Moez's expertise lies in…

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