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“I’ve always had a very, very good experience with her (SW) level of service and her team”

“Thanks I love all the communication and support. I appreciate all the advice as well.”

“10/10 would recommend. Just my past experience with CPA is not really being too involved. I’m looking for tax options for me so, me making mistakes doing things on my own, like I feel I have support with Tax Goddess”

“Tax Goddess is good, and I appreciate all the help. I sent referrals anyway, so it’s been good.”

“Thank you so much! All of you Goddesses have made this a very good birthday. Thank you so very much for helping me navigate a very stressful tax year.”

“I got a lot of people that are in the process. Tax Goddess takes care of things and has the expertise to help guide us in saving on our taxes.”

“Your business philosophy of 200% commitment for each client provided comfort. and confidence In working with you. It would please me no end if you found a way for us to continue working together.”

“I just wanted to schedule this note to you to say how much I appreciate your team and their commitment to helping me make the most informed and most tax-advantaged decisions. I literally never worry about taxes because you all are handling it.”

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