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global team hero banner A Global Team of Experts, Focused on Significantly Reducing your Taxes Tax Goddess is ranked in the Top 1% of Tax Strategists in the country - AICTC

At Tax Goddess, we utilize the power of tax reduction blueprint technology to deliver robust tax planning guarenteed to protect your income from taxes.



So far we have saved our clients a total of $1,122,900,616/- and Counting...
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We Are Tax Strategists
Tax Planning On Steroids
As a CTC-Certified Strategic Tax Coach and CPA, we’ve received specialized training in the areas of the tax code that can be leveraged to your advantage to lower your taxes and save you money.



So far we have saved our clients a total of $1,122,900,616/- and Counting...
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Why Choose Us?

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A Customized Tax Strategy That Works For You

Our cutting-edge expertise as a CTC (Certified Tax Coach) and CPA firm helps us create a tailored tax strategy that  is sure to save you a ton of money in taxes… Read More

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A Tax Strategist That Pays Through Attention To You

We take our time to analyze your tax and financial situation duly. We pay attention to your previous tax returns, ,  business operations, and investment… Read More

A Global Team Of Experts Abreast With The Latest Tax Rules

As a CTC-Certified Strategic Tax Coach and CPA we’ve received specialized training in the areas of the tax code… Read More

Your Information Is Always Secure With Us

All data is securely stored in our vault of cloud servers to ensure that your information never leaves our Company… Read More

With Tax Goddess Tax Reduction Made Easy

  • Book a free consultation
  • Submit details about all your taxable income
  • Get your taxes thoroughly analyzed… Read More

Pay the IRS forever or save your taxes!!


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Our Services

Tax Goddess Services are extremely beneficial and affordable as well as the satisfaction of all our customers who have been believing in our strategy, team, and services for a long time.


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Tax Strategy and Planning

Tax strategies that have saved our clients over $1,122,900,616 and counting.. Get a 15-minute FREE consultation call with us!

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Tax preparation and filing

Get tax write deductions, and tax advantages absolutely legally and protect you from any IRS or state ax agency concerns

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Choose from our bookkeeping options and rest assured your books will be up-to-date with accurate data.

PayrolI services

Our payroll system can be accessed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in the world. Process your payroll with convenience.

Entity formation and guidance icon

Entity Formation & Guidance

Our specialists will help you set your goals and the direction you want your business to go and how we take the first step.

IRS Issues & Representation

If you find yourself in the dreaded situation of having to deal with the IRS, make sure you talk t to us first You will get the best IRS from us.

Business process consultation icon

Business Process Consultation

What about a business process that you’ve been running out of your home, and you want the most out of available resources?

Cashflow and budgeting icon

Cashflow and budgeting

Profit Loss / Balance sheets are just not enough these days to determine the health of your business. Discover what else matters.

What Makes Our Strategies Top Notch?

🙂 Strategic Tax Coachby Tax Goddess

  • Coaching and PROACTIVE strategies to build your future with Ongoing Support
  • Confidence knowing you are paying the least amount of tax possible
  • A customized strategy created just for you
  • Personalized solutions for your own situation
  • A team of advisers to give direction and accountability through goal settings

🙁 Way of other Tax Professionals

  • Other Tax Professionals
  • Outdated information and outdated planning
  • Tax surprises with a feeling of no control
  • Same old solutions
  • Overpaying Tax
  • Tax as Usual
  • Limited contact with you except at tax time

5 Things Your CPA Has Missed

80% of our clients switch to us because their CPAs are not proactive. Why not save BIG, to meet your major expenses when you can, just by saving in taxes?

Answer the following simple questions and fill out the form at the end to find out HOW?

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Did you know that you can write off your dog as a tax deduction?
Q1- Did you know that you can write off your dog as a tax deduction?(Required)
Are you paying your kids to get your taxes written off? Has your CPA told you to do so?
Q2- Are you paying your kids to get your taxes written off? Has your CPA told you to do so?(Required)

Our Team

Our Pro Team always stays busy by providing better and outstanding services to our clients based on Our strategies.

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Rajendra Parmar
Sr. Tax Preparer

tax advisor online
Tanushree Goel
Sr. Tax Preparer

tax advisor online
Shubham Srivastava
Sr. Tax Preparer

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA
Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA
“Meet Shauna, the Tax Goddess – our Head Strategist and Owner/Founder”

Doreen Rnd
Doreen Paco
Database Admin

Arslan Haider
Admin Assistant

Belle Ejercito
Belle Ejercito
Sales Admin


Our Approach To Client’s Information Security

At Tax Goddess Business Services, PC we have:

➽ Highly secure internal database ➽ Multiple backup protocols ➽ Cautious HR hiring protocols ➽ Communication Security protocols ➽ Highly trained professional tech team

all working in concert to keep your private information secure.

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What Our Clients Say

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SW book

How Successful Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Legally Reduce Their Taxes To 6% Or Less For Life

This book contains tax secrets that entrepreneurs and businessowners use to legally reduce their taxes to 6% or less every year inunder 300 pages! 

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