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At Tax Goddess we are always looking for ways to make your life easier, cleaner, more efficient, and streamlined.  

Slack is one of our favorite tools to do so!

Slack is a digital system that allows for communication with the entire Tax Goddess team in real time.  It allows for file uploads, video chats, searchable history, conversation tracking & call-outs for specific team members. It helps prevent lengthy email conversations and keeps communication organized and streamlined.  It is HIPPA compliant, secure, easy, and fast. Slack can be very easily accessed from your phone, web browser, and/or desktop application (as you prefer).

Here are some amazing articles on slack & it’s top uses:

Because we feel so passionate about this system, we offer a free client channel in Slack to all of our clients.  If you are one of our clients, and want your free slack channel, you can signup here.

With much Tax Love,

Shauna, your Tax Goddess

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