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Ranked in the Top 1% of Tax
Strategists in the country – AICTC

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ur cutting-edge expertise as a CTC (Certified Tax Coach) and CPA firm helps us to create a tailored strategy that is sure to save you a ton of money in taxes. Tax Goddess Business Services® PC is the right helping hand if you’re looking for a certified tax coach, tax consultant, or for the best Income Tax Preparer.

Our cutting edge is that we do not adopt a one-fits-all tax strategy for

our clients. We take our time to duly analyze your tax and financial situation, paying attention to previous tax returns,  business operations, and investment goals, to identify which part of the 67,204 pages of the IRS tax code can be leveraged to your advantage. What most taxpayers don’t realize is that their CPA or accountant is a compliance accountant. They take the information you give them and put it in the right boxes on the right forms. As a CTC-Certified

Strategic Tax Coach and CPA, we’ve received specialized training in the areas of the tax code that can be leveraged to your advantage to lower your taxes and save you money.

We analyze your financial picture including past tax returns, business activities, and investment goals to pinpoint which portions of the 67,204 pages of the IRS tax code can be used to your advantage. Then we design a detailed plan you can use to implement these savings. 

Certified Tax Coach

Coaching and PROACTIVE strategies to build your future with Ongoing Support
Confidence knowing you are paying the least amount of tax possible
A customized strategy created just for you
Personalized solutions for your own situation
A team of advisers to give direction and accountability through goal setting

Other Tax Professionals

Reactive, “after the fact” planning
Outdated information and outdated planning
Tax surprises with a feeling of no control
Same old solutions
Overpaying Tax
Tax as usual
Limited contact with you except at tax time

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10 of the most commonly missed deductions that will reduce your taxes
by $10k right now!

Our Services

Tax Strategy & Planning

Tax Strategy & Planning

Tax strategies that have saved our clients over $423,984,402 and counting…Get 15-mins FREE consultation call with us!

Tax Preparation & Filing

Tax Preparation & Filing

Get tax write-offs, tax deductions and tax advantages absolutely legally and protect you from any IRS or state tax agency concerns.


Book Keeping

Choose from our bookkeeping options and rest assured your books will be up-to-date with accurate data.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Our payroll system can be accessed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in the world. Process your payroll with convenience.

Entity Formation & Guidance

Entity Formation & Guidance

Our specialists will help you set your goals and direction you want your business to go, and how we take the first step.

IRS Issues & Representation

IRS Issues & Representation

If you find yourself in the dreaded situation of having to deal with the IRS, make sure you talk to us first. You will get the best Income Tax Preparer service from us.!

Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

What about a business process that you’ve been running out of your home, and you want the most out of available resources?

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Profit loss/Balance sheets are just not enough these days to determine the health of your business. Learn what else are?


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Our Approach To Client's Information Security

At Tax Godess Business Services, PC we have: Highly secure internal databaseMultiple backup protocolsCautious HR hiring protocolsCommunication Security protocolsHighly trained professional tech team all working in concert to keep your private information secure.
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